With a long history of pioneering custom telecoil (or t-coil) solutions, Global Coils is the world leader in developing custom telecoils including SMT products for high-volume production. These extremely sensitive coils enable hearing aids to magnetically couple directly to telephones and inductive t-coil loop systems found in many public buildings.

In recent years, Global Coils has shifted from producing a wide variety of “standard” catalog parts to developing and producing high-volume custom coil products for the world’s leading global hearing aid manufacturers. With our market-leading ultra-fine wire winding capabilities, Global Coils is able to pack the highest sensitivity into the smallest dimensions.

Please contact us to discuss your custom requirement. And while our strategic focus is on custom product development and production, we do continue to support some catalog parts. Please consult the following data sheets to learn more.

Technical Data Sheets

  • Passive Coils – Global Coils offers a variety of passive coils with leads as Standard Catalog items and Special Order items. And, we specialize in custom product development to meet your most demanding audiocoil applications.
  • Surface Mount Coils – Global Coils leads the industry with surface mount coils in a variety of styles. Fully-encapsulated or PCB mounted, tape-and-reel packaging, designed for automated assembly.
  • Amplified Coils – Amplified audiocoils combine a magnetic-field sensing coil with an integral low-power preamplifier. This design produces Unit Sensitivity 20-25 dB greater than comparable passive audiocoils. Limited Availability – contact us for more details.